Our First Post

Welcome to the brave new world that is called Maddie Sharrock. Here hear normal it's just not good enough.

We are building a completely new site to satisfy even the most critical meme lovers out there because we believe beams are not just a simple form of entertainment.

Memes are art.

A good meme can say more than 1000 words and also more than a pretty long video. Neighbors have become an integral part of the online social environment.

They don't just allow us to express ourselves; they actually drive human behavior. We start off by looking at a meme and maybe forwarding it. But, we end up emulating memes more than we might realize.

So creating and finding the best Internet memes and emojis out there is now more important than ever. That is why maddiesharrock.com is taking it to a whole new level.

Glad you are joining us for this amazing trip. Be prepared for a whole new Internet.